28. Dezember 2021

Review der A&R Factory über „Break Out“

Der Musikjournalist Llewelyn Screen von der A&R Factory, die ihren Sitz in Großbritannien hat, hat eine Review über meine Komposition Break Out aus meinem Album Transformation geschrieben:

„On a new single for the ages that has you feeling so compelled to listen loudly again and again, as its attention to detail is quite marvellous – Verena Hentschel might be up there with one of the best underground artists we have seen in a long time.“

„’Break Out‘ from the Cologne, Germany-based indie-electronic composer and visual artist Verena Hentschel is one of the most creatively stimulating tracks you might ever hear. This is a seriously talented multi-creative who makes that spiritually-awakening experience that sends shivers down your spine that you can’t explain. You feel like you are in nature here as you look for your escape from danger, and there is so much to love about this excellent track that is absolutely spellbindingly brilliant.“

Link zum Beitrag

Link zum Stück (Spotify)

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